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Hello & Welcome

How do you do? I am Kyle from A Web Designer and PhD researcher at the University of Ulster, living and breathing in Northern Ireland. I love designing things for the Interwebs (Internet) and helping older people use the Interwebs. If your interested in working with me, go on, get in touch.

About Me

I am Kyle, you probably have figured that out by now. By day I am a PhD student at the University of Ulster. The title of my research is 'Leveraging Web 2.0 technology for Ambient Assisted Living'. To sum up I like to help older people use the Internet through research in UI/UX, Usability and Online Social Networks.

I graduated in 2009 in MA Multidisciplinary Design and in 2007 in BSc (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design.

My life consists of Family, Friends and Work.

I have Cerebral Palsy. Its not bad, means I get free parking.

Kyle Boyd
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