UX Consultancy

Want a good product?

I make the Internet by crafting genuine user experiences (UX) through user research, prototyping, interactions and visual design. I therefore conduct extensive UX research and Usability Testing. Which consists of UX Audits, Usability Testing and Eye-tracking. One or all of these services can improve your digital product or experience. How?

Identify Problems

I start by identifying areas in your user experience where there are problems. I do this through:

  • + Website reviews
  • + Customer journey mapping
  • + User interviews and testing
  • + Interface Audits (Identify issues and problems)
identify usability problems

Testing Solutions

Once I have identified a problem, I explore possible solutions that I test to ascertain their effectiveness. I do this using:

  • + Wireframes and prototyping
  • + Testing with users
  • + A/B testing
  • + Eyetracking
usability testing


I can also support in-house teams to optimise the experience and increase conversion themselves. That happens through:

  • + Coaching teams on best practice
  • + Providing training

Lets Work Together

Do you need help in these areas? Every challenge is different and unique.

I’m more than happy to meet, or chat online, to help you define your specific goals. I work closely with InvestNI who offer innovation vouchers for companies to use my services.